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Hello Beauties!
 Liz here! For those of you that may not know me yet, I’m the owner/founder of Two Beauties Skincare & Makeup Artistry. I’m also a licensed Esthetician specializing in eyebrow shaping, body waxing, and Jan Marini Clinical Facial Treatments. I have worked as a professional Makeup Artist in Humboldt County for nearly 9 years, and I would have to say that makeup artistry is still my favorite part about my work. Bridal work especially - there is nothing more special than working with a bride to find her dream look, and then seeing the gorgeous photos afterward.

Anyway, Now that the qualifications are out of the way, I just want to welcome you to our website! All I’ve ever wanted was to share my love for all things beauty with literally as many people as possible. Beautiful skin, beautiful makeup, beautiful photos. But honestly, the most rewarding part about doing my job is having my own beauty home-base for you all to come visit. Like a beauty club house in the middle of this gorgeous County we all love and call home. So come down and check it out and feel free to look at the webite, get a feel for our work, and just text or call us when you’re ready to be a beauty too.


Hi there!
 My name is Christina and I'm a recently-licensed Skincare Professional. I have a passion and skill for anything that has to do with beauty and skin, and I like to think that I bring a new edge to the industry. Learning that the skin is the largest organ on the human body, I quickly became interested in how to take care of mine, so I enrolled in school to learn as much as I could. During that process, I realized that pampering others and giving them the knowledge of maintaining, preserving, and repairing their skin was something that made me really excited.
Growing up, I found myself to be very creative, and in college I found an interest in makeup. I started playing around, I practiced a lot, and I realized makeup was so much more to me than "just makeup." It was an extension of my personality. It was fun and transformative; it was art, confidence, and power- it was anything I wanted it to be and it could wash off at the end of the day. My goal is to establish a refreshing and stress-free atmosphere for all of my clients no matter what occasion. I'm precise and meticulous about what I do, and I believe that I can make my clients feel rejuvenated and special. I haven't always known that I wanted to get into this career, but I've always ended up working in the hospitality business. It's taught me a lot about people and more about myself. I discovered that I love making people happy!
See you soon!

5/5 stars on Facebook

"Liz did my my make-up for my wedding a few years ago. Not only did she do a stunning job on myself, but she flawlessly did the make-up of my eight bridesmaids and my mother by herself as well! I also happened to have had an outside ranch wedding, on a day that reached 100 degrees, and all of our make-up still looked as good at the end of the night as it did at the beginning of the day! Most recently, she did my make-up for my maternity pictures, and I loved how I looked as beautiful as I felt! Never do I feel like the make-up is "caked on", and it always photographs beautifully as well as looks great in person. Also, you can't go wrong by having her show your eyebrows some waxing love!"
Caroline S.
"Had my trial makeup done today for my up and coming wedding!! Elizabeth is extreamly knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with. I'm ecstatic with the results!!! Thanks again!!!!"
Amanda S.