About Us

Founded in 2016 by licensed esthetician and makeup artist Liz Wilson, Two Beauties Skin & Makeup was created as a safe and positive space where inner and outer beauty are celebrated.

Two Beauties values community and small-town service and our goal is to provide the highest standard of sincere and professional skin and makeup guidance for every tone, condition, concern, and skin type. We love beauty, know it’s for everyone, and believe in shopping small.



Values & Commitments

-We’re owned and run by two Mexican-American sisters - Liz and Christina. We believe in representation, inclusivity, and creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy beauty.

-We value relationships and the highest standard of personalized service possible. We are also committed to providing you with the highest quality skincare and makeup products with the best ingredients for your skin.

-We are committed to hiring, supporting, and lifting up women. We believe empowered women empower women.

-We believe Black Lives Matter and have committed to carrying Black-owned brands, regularly donating to local organizations that support Black Lives, and educating ourselves on all skin types and tones to best serve our community.

-We believe skincare should be effective, makeup should perform, and licensed professionals should be giving the advice.

-We are committed to using our platform to speak out against injustice.



Liz Wilson, Owner & Founder

Hi Beauties!

My name is Liz Wilson and I’m a licensed esthetician and event makeup artist. I’ve worked in the beauty industry since 2006, starting my career in beauty sales for Estée Lauder and Victoria’s Secret, then moving on to work as a professional esthetician and makeup artist within several local skincare businesses in Humboldt County, CA.

In 2016 I decided to open my own studio in old town Eureka, California where I take skincare and makeup clients. I’m fortunate enough to have my sister working with me, and absolutely love our small-town Northern California community.

As a working makeup artist who values high-quality cosmetics and skincare, I noticed a lack of available and inclusive options at local boutiques, and a lack of knowledge and service when shopping at large chains. My newest dream has been to bring high-end makeup and skincare options to Humboldt County in a small boutique setting, so you can choose to shop small and local without compromising personalized and professional service, options and convenience.

I’ve never stopped growing and learning within this industry, and there’s nothing more exciting to me than sharing beauty with my community.

See you soon,

XX - Liz





Christina Brown

Hello! My name is Christina Brown and I've been a Licensed Esthetician for four years. I'm from a small town in Southern California and I now reside in Humboldt County where I'm a self-employed Esthetician full time. I also get to work alongside my sister which has been a dream come true! I was recently able to quit a restaurant job I had for ten years which allows me to dedicate more of my energy into my career + clients.

Being an Esthetician has really become a large part of who I am. It's something I'm constantly thinking about and trying to improve upon. I not only want to wax and give facials but really bring joy to our community through what I do. I'm so honored to be able to cultivate relationships with my clients and provide a safe environment where they can leave their worries at the door. I pride myself on being present, meticulous, and attentive to every single person that walks into my treatment room.

This community means everything to me so to be a part of that in a small way makes me extremely grateful to do what I do. See you soon!